Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Texas trips

     Since summer has started I have packed and unpacked my suitcase 11 times.  I've already blogged about our trip to the Frio river and to Bandera but somehow never got around to the third leg of the trip.  Summer (and these car trips!) is getting the best of me.  

     Before leaving Bandera, we spent the afternoon driving around in the middle of nowhere looking for Polly's Chapel.  We got a tip from a friend that it was a interesting and quiet place to experience.  After getting a little turned around, we asked for directions from the nicest man working alongside his fence.  He was so excited and friendly that it made me think he probably hasn't seen anyone drive down his road for days.  It was so out there!  Kind of strange since that area is only about 30 miles outside of San Antonio.

Hubby and I had such a peaceful time wandering through the church and around the grounds.  
No kids and no specific time that we needed to be somewhere.  It was like heaven.  I'm so glad that hubby didn't give up on finding it and asked for the way.  
He knew that I really wanted to see it and it was like getting a present that day.  

After getting off the beaten path, we made our way to the other side of San Antonio and spent the next few nights in New Braunfels with some friends in their condo.  We ate great food and floated a little stretch of the Guadalupe river.  Still in a drought, the float wasn't the best but we had fun anyway people watching and chatting.  We even got in a game of Bingo one night.  

I had no idea what I was doing!  They make that game so stinking complicated and fast.  
Nothing like feeling like a moron while playing Bingo.

Then we enjoyed dancing over at Riley's Tavern.   
Claimed to be the oldest bar in Texas.  

Texas isn't all cowboys and horses.  But I sure like the places that are!  
Thanks for coming along with me on this Texas tour.  


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