Friday, June 17, 2011

Texas river tours Part 1

Two Sunday's ago, we left for our annual family vacation.  Every year hubby's parents spring for a sweet cabin along the Frio river in Texas.  It is such wonderfully unique place with a cool spring fed river to relax and play in.  Our family spends three days of fun together with no electronic interruptions.  I wouldn't have even unpacked my iphone but I completely forgot to put the camera battery into the camera.  So all of my pictures from the entire vacation are from my iphone!  Great blogger, huh?!  Usually the second day we are there, we load up our trucks with rented tubes, drive to a nice entry spot, plop those tubes down in the water along with our bums and let the river take us on a slow easy ride.  It usually takes a couple of hours depending on how high the river is and sometimes you have to get up and walk a bit but not for too long.  But this year, because the river is dangerously low, we didn't even rent tubes.  We were all a little disappointed but in the end we made the best of it.  

The kids hunted for cool rocks, looked at fish with their snorkels and masks, and carefully slid down the little man made chute like a slide on the rapids.  This was our regular spot but for more fun we ventured over the big swimming hole (that is not as quiet) for rock jumping fun.  

And now for the slide show for family!:

quite possibly one of my favorites!

Watermelon time!

Uno championship game

The men relaxing on our porch

nothing like a little rock throwing

I think it's time to retire my hat.  )-:

Here's a little video to give you an idea of river life!  
So fun and we had such a good time!  Enjoy the throwback "pump up the jam" tune too.

(Sorry to the lady in red that I captured falling down and you can see just how low the river is when pops stands up out of the water)

Then after the three days of fun, the kids went back with their grandparents for Camp Grandma while hubby and I visited some other Texas river towns.  Stay tuned for Part 2 and some more iphone pics of cool random places to find in the Texas hill country!


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