Wednesday, July 26, 2017

A shift!

This is a long one but read to the end for an announcement.😉
I've been guilty of telling people in my online accountability groups to only be in comparison with themselves. So basically looking at what they have done and try and do better. But don't look at anyone else. And while I think there is some truth to this, I've come to find out that I have to be VERY careful with this. This picture is me through the years.
Obviously, I've changed. We ALL have in some way with that time span right? But the last few months I've compared myself to that girl in the picture dated 2014 SO MUCH. Saying to myself..."Why can't be like her again?!" Telling myself that I'm not good because I don't look like that or I'm not making a difference anymore or EVEN that I'm a loser because I'm not making very much money anymore.
Like REALLY mean to myself.
Lately, I could feel myself spiraling down to that girl in 2009. Lonely, depressed, tired all of the time and overwhelmed. And duh, I've just moved again so it's natural for all of the same feelings to come back.
This time though?! I knew what to do. I knew what I needed to concentrate on to bring myself out of that spiral. I've done it before and I'm freaking doing it again.
SO.... after almost a year, I'm opening up a private FB group (aka as my Clubhouse😊) where I spill all of my secrets and you can share yours. Do you want in? Look for the contact me button on the bottom of the screen and email me girl.
"Comparison is the thief of Joy" (even comparing yourself to yourself!)

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

New beginnings

I don't recommend moving, starting to homeschool an 11 year old girl and buying a 90 year old house all at the same time.  Why?  Because it's my life right now and it is crazy pants.

In the Spring of 2016, we starting hearing about a specific job in a small town that would be perfect for us.  A town that we have always wanted to live in.  To get away from the big city would be a dream so we were pretty excited.
Around that time, my daughter started struggling in school again.  I could write another whole post on that but I'm trying to stay focused here.  Long story short, she did well in a private school with two teachers and a smaller class but the next year at that same school was a totally different experience. So we were back to hours of crying and correcting every day after school.  Anyway, I just couldn't take it anymore so we brought her home with us for me to homeschool just before the end of the year. It was the best decision some days......other days, not so much.  

We got word soon after that decision that the job was his and we started getting the house ready to put on the market.  My girl learned all about selling a house along with school.  Oh why didn't we fix all of those things in the house sooner so we could enjoy them?!  But it paid off because the house sold in 2 days!

We had a month or so before we could physically move out of the house so we kind of enjoyed it. The kids went to camp, we found our old/new house, and we decided to go ahead and go on our big family vacation.  The movers packed up our stuff and we left the next day for the beautiful Smoky Mountains.  But we were stress balls!  We had a beautiful cabin WAY up on the side of a mountain but nobody slept well. We all tried our best to love being there, and we did most days, but the move was looming over our heads the whole time. We knew when we got back it would be a whirlwind because of the closing and having to really saying good bye to everyone. Intense emotions all around for sure.  We're a military family that's used to moving but we were in that house and neighborhood for 8 years.  Our kids grew up SOOOO much in that house and it was awful saying goodbye even if we were moving to our dream town near the river.

And our new/old house?  The 90 year old one?  She's a beauty and the previous owners kept a lot of the original charm but some days that charm just equals OLD. And we aren't used to it.  We had dreams of painting her up and loving downsizing but it's just so different here.  I'll write more about this later but for now I just wanted to get where we are right now, up on this blog.

I've missed this blog so much and have strayed away from so many things that I love. I've let my thyroid illness steal away so much joy and have let comparison creep in.  I've made some tough decisions and some dumb decisions the past few years and I've had to let some things go..... BUT I'm still living! And I realized that what I have loved the most in the past is to write and share here on this blog.  So I'm putting my focus back to this blog in hopes that I can create a spark of happiness back in my life.

I had a good friend give me the advice about this blog years ago.  I felt like the name Fit2feelbetter put me in a fitness box and that I couldn't ever branch out from it but she gently reminded me that we could all strive to be "fitter" in so many other areas of life.   Not only physically fit, but emotionally, spritually, relationally, and financially fit. And she is so right.  I'm excited to get back to my "roots".        

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