Wednesday, October 30, 2013

5 uncommon kitchen untensils that help me cook healthier

Well hello there.  I'm back!  There are so many reasons why I left the blogging world but more importantly, there are reasons that I am back.  Let's just focus on those reasons, ok?  I've missed expressing myself through writing and I've missed the fact of maybe I just might be helping people here.  With that being said, I've had many ideas floating around in my head and I'm ready to jump back in.  Feet first!

Here are the 5 uncommon utensils that I use pretty much use on a daily basis to help me stay on track with healthy eating.

1. Small hand strainer ~  I use this for rinsing my quinoa, rice and canned beans.  The holes are tiny so the food doesn't fall through like a regular colander.

2.  Set of cutting boards ~  We use about 4 on a daily basis and I encourage you to have this many.  Who wants to cut up veggies or fruit when the one cutting board you own is dirty? That alone would make me grab for something else.  Also, I prefer these non-flexible ones because they are easier to clean in the sink.  I run them through the dishwasher every other day or so.  

3.  Julienne peeler ~ This is perfect for making zuchinni "noodles".  I'll share the recipe soon!

4.  Ulu knife ~ This little knife makes cutting up garlic and herbs so fast and easy.  It's fun to use too.

5.  Immersion blender ~  Since it's kind of beginning to feel like Fall here in Texas, soup is on my mind.  I've come across so many soup recipes that call for you to cook all of the ingredients and then add it to a food processor.  I've burned myself too many times and finally picked up one of these at my local grocery store for cheap.  Just blend up those ingredients while they are still in that pot.  (And you don't have to clean a food processor!) I don't use mine too often so I'm not sure how it would hold up with more frequent use.

  What about you?  What would you add to the list?

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