Friday, July 8, 2011

Summer birthday party #2

We celebrated the Roo's 6th birthday on Wednesday.   Hubby is still working shift work and has a crazy schedule so it needed to be during the week.  I'm so thankful that my sister has the summer off and can still bring the cousins!  Roo wanted the same slide as J-man since she didn't get one last year.  When you're in Texas and you don't want all the kids in your house the whole time during a summer birthday party, a water slide is a must!

A sudden rain shower didn't put a damper on the party since most of the kids decided to stay on since they were already wet.  It was such a good rain and we so needed it!  Roo was not one of the ones to stay on because she doesn't like to be cold.  Just like her mom.

  We moved them all inside for cake and presents when we heard thunder.  

*****my gorgeous girl*****

And another picture to add because I love it.  Earlier in the week, we had some friends over for dinner and after hearing that Amanda is a real artist, Roo got all of her paints ready and decorated her easel for them to create together.  I love the "concentrating" technique (-:


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