Friday, February 25, 2011

kitchen 'mis'treatments

Here is my kitchen before my new mistreatments.  The grass shade was here when we moved in and we kept it because it was custom and surely expensive.  I did my time- I lived with them for 3 years.  The kids art area was getting out of control.  They are both now in school and it rarely gets used.  My kitchen was stressing me out and Lord knows I already stress enough in the kitchen.  I wanted a big change.

Once I decided on it, those babies came down and out in a heartbeat.  And then I realized that I put up bulletin boards to hide the many MAJOR holes in the walls from the previous owners.  We will be repainting and sprucing up the kitchen at a later time so the holes will have to wait.   

My mom was coming in town for a short visit and we like to work on projects.  This one would be an easy one right?  Find some fabric and hang it up on a new shiny rod.  As always, not that easy. 

In all my cheapness, I bought a skinny curtain rod and rings on sale. I put that thing up so high and wide like I have been taught that it drooped on either side and wouldn't hold one shower curtain. If I brought it in any it wouldn't hide the holes.  (I only used one support because i wanted to be able to close them all the way)

Enter the Nester, surely you have heard of her famous mistreatments. After realizing that a thicker rod wouldn't hide the holes either, I decided to try her ring on the nail head tactic so I could go all the way to the end of the wall..  And I LOVE them! 
Oh and I have to say that this fabric was definitely made for me.  I was going to go with some sort of red toile but couldn't find anything.  I've been eyeing Nester's buffalo check curtain for years and recently Carrie's too.  I found this at a fabric store that I didn't even know existed in my town in the clearance corner marked down to $8 a yard!  Also, the check fabric made cutting the fabric on a straight line SO EASY.  I didn't even hem them because when we do work on the kitchen I want to be able to have them made into curtains. 

I hung the iron thing in the middle to hide more holes!
{And now I know that my kitchen is the hardest room in the house to photograph, geez.}

I'm off to go work out so I can have more energy to work on more projects.  Mainly, art supply organization in a different location. (-:


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