Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Why the name?

At only 5’1 I have always been the small girl. I was small but definitely not toned and healthy. Two years ago, we moved to a big city and I was out of shape and miserable. I did a little walking in our previous town with my two young kids but not much else.  The big city was overwhelming and I didn’t know anyone or have a support system. I was sad, sluggish, moody and napped all of the time. My husband decided to sign us up at a local gym connected to the golf course. It was small, had great childcare, and many times I was the only one in there. I got set up with a trainer and was learning so much and feeling better until they suddenly closed down my gym. I was crushed! We tried other small local gyms but they kept closing down. One would close down and another would take us in for a trial period. But I didn’t want to go to the “big” gyms because my daughter was freaked out enough.

We were ready to give more money to another gym until my husband saw a high school friend on Facebook. He looked incredible and told us all about his transformation from P90X. That was it! Why give money to a huge gym (that might close down) when we can invest it in a home gym? We put the money into a small tv, some weights and a few other things and set up shop in our unused front room. A few weeks later we were on our way to pushing play with P90X everyday. I loved it when I opened the box and it said “this is your gym for the next 90 days” on the inside cover. We decided, committed and are succeeding.

I love working out at home! Sometimes I get interrupted but it is so much better than seeing my daughter’s sad face in a huge crazy childcare setting. So here I am. I am now done with my twi rounds of P90X and one round of TurboFire and can really see results. But what I am most excited about is how much better I feel. I could kick myself for not starting this sooner! (-:  Moms out there, you are worth it! Take some time for yourself and you will feel the difference!

So I just bought this:

to go with this (that I already have)

Yes.  I'm a huge Chalene Johnson fan and I have a blast working out with her.


  1. I have P90X and love it! I got through about 6 weeks, then something came up, and you know how it goes. I run 3 days a week, but felt great on P90X. I'm motivated to start again.

    I found you on Erin's blog. Nice to meat you :)

  2. Hi Traci! Thanks for the comment. As you can see, I'm new and you are my first commenter. So exciting. Now running is something that is hard for me. I like to be in my nice warm house (-: I just clicked over to your blog-very cute-another to add to my list.
    Take care,

  3. Hi Kristen!

    Thank you so much for sharing this! I have a friend who does P90X and has loved it too. I'll have to look into it for sure! It's so great when you can figure out something that works for you. We're house hunting and one of our priorities is a house with a space to use for an "at home gym." There are so many days it's impossible to get out of the house! You look incredible and have a beautiful family!

  4. Hey Erin! Thanks for commenting. I think you would like P90X too. Please email me if you have any questions. I would be happy to help you find a workout program that is easy to do at home. All of the Beachbody programs (P90X, TurboFire, Insanity, etc....) are tried and true and they come with a team to support and encourage. That is the key; support and motivation.


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