Thursday, January 13, 2011

The story of our house....

I believe that this house found us.  It has found a way into our hearts too.  You see, three years ago we were moving to the "big city" six hours away from our little town.  We needed to buy our first house after renting for ten years.  We only had a weekend to travel to find a house and after much Internet research we found this one....
I have to say that the yard was a huge selling point. 

(the water fall isn't on in this pic)

We asked our realtor to go and look at it and her exact words were, "If you want this house, you need to come this weekend.  We made the plans for the trip and set out to look at this one first.  We were so excited, but the minute we walked in we were torn.  It was so outdated.  The previous owners had taken really good care of it but it still needed a lot of work.  A little disappointed, we set out to look at the other 15 or so houses we had chosen in the area. But the more we looked at other houses, our seemed  to get prettier and brighter and OURS.  At five o'clock that evening we went back to our house (while the original owners took a walk) and just stayed and hung out in it for a while.  It felt strange and wonderful and we decided it was worth the work. 

I write this post as an introduction for my goal this year....
to make our house our home. 

For the first 10 years of our marriage, because of my husbands job, we have moved every three or so years.  He now has a new position and we can stop moving and enjoy being in our "big city" town.  Problem is, I don't really know how.  We are used to moving.  That's what we know.  But three years is up and we really aren't moving and it's sinking in.  Now is the time to make it our own and not just good.  But great and lovely and ours. 
  I want to this blog to hold me accountable to my goal for this house and my family.  There is still allot of work to be done.  Thanks for sharing in our journey.

And just when I was thinking of this blog entry, I read {this} from Emily.  Such inspiration!


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