Friday, January 7, 2011

20 or so things

I thought this would be an easy way for you to learn about me.  I did it last year for the the whole Facebook thing and they still ring true.  Mostly. And I left a few out for privacy.
Here it goes...
1. I feel the safest when I am in my husband's arms.
2. I never imagined that being a Mom could be so hard and yet so rewarding at the very same time!
3. It makes me happy to recycle. Even though I'm not the greenest person out there.
4. I cry when I hear the National Anthem. Every time.
5. I wish I could live on Little House on the Prairie.
6. I miss Del Rio, TX. Really, I do.
7. I never remember movie endings. I can watch them over and over and it's like watching it for the first time. 8. I'm trying to be OK with the fact that I really am an introvert.
9. I don't like seafood. Except for James' fish tacos where I load them up with salsa and sour cream and can't taste the fish.
10. I wish I could remember every single thing I've learned in bible study and practice them everyday.
11. We love to entertain but since I'm not a very good cook, James usually BBQ's!
12. I spent almost every weekend of my childhood (or at least it felt like it) at my grandparent's houses.
13. I lost my Grandaddy at 16 and I would give anything for one more day with him.
14. I have moved 9 times (not including trainings and back and forth to camp).
16. One day I would like to be fluent in Spanish. You would have thought I would have worked on that in Del Rio! I'm thinking Rosetta Stone....
17. I'm a 1/4 Mexican although some really smart chemists (while working at Maybelline) figured out that I'm really only 1/8th. Oh well.
18. I am an Aggie but don't know all of the yells. I missed Fish Camp because I was a transfer student and didn't have the money for T-camp! $80 was a lot of money back then!
19. I worked for Target all during college. It was like a second home to me and I couldn't have made it through A&M without them. My roommates too!
20. I don't have an uncle and any first cousins. My Mom is an only child and my aunt never married. Therefore, my sister and I never had to share our grandparents with anyone else!
21. I think Camp Capers is magical.
22. I really wish that I could sing.
23. One of my most favorite things to do is sit on our back porch drinking a Shiner with James while watching our kids play in the sprinkler.
24. But.... I get giddy with excitement for Autumn. It's my favorite time of year.
25.  I met my husband at the age of 16 at church camp.

It was fun reading throught these again.  Sometimes I forget who I am when I'm surrounded with the day to day stuff of life.  And when I'm completely submerged with being a wife and mommy.


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