Friday, January 21, 2011

Master bath remodel

A year ago we did our first remodel project on the house.  It was supposed to be an "update".  You know, to save money and do it ourselves.  Well that all went out the window when our contractor said we could knock down a wall and create a walk-in shower.  I'm so glad that we went for it.  The bathroom needed some serious work.  Case in point:

We called it the Miami Vice room.  I tried desperately to keep the granite and save some money but there was no getting around the fact that its pink. 

I tried this idea from Emily but it made it more pink. 

But when I covered up the gold genie lamp faucets and hung up the black poster board, my heart skipped a beat and I thought of Melissa's master bath. Her bathroom was just the look I wanted.  But Melissa didn't have pink granite so we added that to the list.  See, full blown remodel and not an upgrade anymore. 

The picture of her bathroom was shown to all the workers so they could have an idea of what I wanted.  It really helped with the process.  Guys tend to look at you crazy when you talk about black cabinets.  But show them a picture and they somehow get it. 

I had to put a picture of these guys!  They were awesome.  All day long for three straight days, he would measure and she would cut.  They were like a machine.



So a very long story to say that it still looks like this a year later.  No knobs, no new towels, no artwork....nada.  It's so bad that my hubby is pleading me to do something with it. 
Any ideas?!


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