Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Frio River 2012

It's only the middle of June and we've already packed and unpacked two times!  Like last summer, we headed out on the first weekend of summer for the Family Frio river trip.  It was a much different experience since the water was up enough to float and Neals added a rope swing!

Roo seriously thought about doing it but soon decided against it.  
She jumped off the little rock instead.

The boys had a system down.  Whenever there was a line for the rope swing, they jumped off the rock and whenever there was a line for the rock they switched back to the rope swing.  
They did this for 5 hours!

Proof that there was a little down time.  
and even me, feeling relaxed.
I had such a fun time with my girl in the water.  I remember telling myself that she won't want to do this many more summers with me by her side so I should make the most of it.  We tried to catch minnows in her net, played motor boat like when she was a baby and got in and out of the river a hundred times to go to the bathroom.  
At night, when the river fun is over, the kids beg to go to the bar.  (-:  
It's a family friendly bar, with scooters and goats and dancing.  What more could you ask for?

Another awesome family trip in the books.  

The kids went on to Camp Grandma and hubby and I came back home because he had to work.  I did exciting non blogworthy things like recaulk the kids' bathroom and weed and mulch the front flower bed.  Hubby and I did get away to Bandera, Tx for a few nights before picking up the kids.  I hope to get those pics up before we leave for Beachbody Summit in Las Vegas  but that's probably wishful thinking since I haven't started packing and we leave tomorrow!


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