Saturday, June 9, 2012

End of the year

I don't know why I was so emotional at the end of this school year.  Perhaps it is because my babies are growing.  And growing fast.  I'm not one to want to keep them young forever.  I love the idea of them becoming their own person and becoming independent but does it have to happen so fast?  No matter what my emotions are, time keeps ticking.  I'll probably say this every year, but my kids have come SO far academically and socially.

{first day of school 2011-2012}

To my Roo,
You are the first one to tell anybody that first grade is NOT at all like Kindergarten.  It was hard work for you.  And work hard you did!  My sweet girl, being chosen for tutoring every Tuesday and Thursday morning for the entire year was not easy.  But you only grumbled about it a few times towards the end and stuck with it.  With all of your hard work, you were given the B.U.G. (bringing up grades) award.  I know you were so upset to not win the art award but after our heart to heart about how proud I was with all of your discipline, you were ok.  Your excellent conduct and work habits awards are awesome and so well deserved.

{studying for spelling test with sugar!}

Oh sweet girl, may you always look at your own strengths and be as proud of yourself as I am of you!  The talent show was the icing on the cake for this year.  When you said that you wanted to be in it, every part of me wanted to lock you in your room because I couldn't even imagine doing such a thing at your age.  Especially with your quiet/introverted personality.  Your bravery was astounding and I know it was because of your friend Sofia at your side and, most of all, that you were so confident in your hula hooping abilities.  (-:  (And many prayers too!) Roo, I am so happy and proud of you.  You are so smart, funny, loyal, passionate, quick thinking, and fiercely loving.  And I can't even stand how much I love you!

To my J-man,

I can't believe that you are moving on to a different school already.  Although I think that 5th grade is a little too soon for middle school, it is what it is, and I'm happy that you are so ready.  I am so thankful for such a wonderful elementary school.  I have so many great memories of mine, and I know you will too.  I cannot believe how hard you have worked this past year.  Having three teachers is not easy and you have handled it with such confidence.  I wish they gave out a "not giving Mommy a hard time in the morning" award.  You amaze me with your ability to get it done quickly every morning.  Getting to play my I-phone is a great motivator, but I also think you are so much like your Dad.  He doesn't deal with a bunch of nonsense and neither do you.  Thank you for being so helpful!  I'm pretty darn proud of your A/B honor roll award though.

 Even though it was a fun, you took your Safety Patrol job very seriously.  

This year, we saw more and more how much you love the game of soccer.  It is awesome to see you light up on that field.  You have become a leader on your team by playing goalie.  Daddy and I talk so much about how much a boy can learn from being on a team and I'm so glad that we have been blessed with such a good one. 

J-man, I'm so proud of all that you have accomplished this year.  You are such a cool, funny, caring, sweet, strong, young man.  You give me a hug every single morning and it's one of my favorite parts of the day.  I look forward to many, many more.  I love you.

   Here's to Summer 2012!


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  1. Loved this post...I did a similiar one too about the end of the school year. Cute kiddos you have!
    Enjoy your summer!


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