Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Chalkboard clipboard wall calendar

A new calendar for a new year.  I'm in the process of turning my dining room into an office.  Ok, I've been doing it for months now but I'm hoping to wrap everything up soon and call it done.  And then finally show it to you!  I like that everyone can see what's going on for the week and I have a 9 year old that reminds me to change it because it really annoys him when I don't (:  If only clothes on the floor annoyed him.

I bought the clipboards at Office Depot in packs of three, I think.  I fully intended to cover up their logo but it's a very low priority right now.  

I aligned painters tape with the clip to keep things looking straight even though every board is a little different. {grr}.  The boards were primed since I knew I would be using them frequently and after two coats of chalkboard paint, I was in business.   

 I'm thinking of framing it out with some moulding, and I might make some fancier labels, but for now I'm loving it. 

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  1. I really love the look of this! Its simple but looks really functional. Plus, it looks great on the wall.

    1. Thanks Michaela! It was really easy. The hard part is remembering to update it. (-:

  2. Ah!! LOVE it!!! Thanks for sharing on Show Off Saturday!


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