Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Winter cotton ball wreath and a linky party

Nothing like a linky party to get your creative juices going with a deadline.  Thanks to Rhoda's at Southern Hospitality, my house is a wreck but my entryway mantel looks lovely.  

I really wanted to do a tablescape over at Layla's but let's face it, that's too fancy for me.  Just the other day Roo asked what napkin rings were.  She's never seen them at our house!  Hence the reason for no pictures at Thanksgiving.  I tried my best but I wasn't happy with it and I was a complete stress ball. 

Moving on.  I had fun creating a natural space for a Christmas mantel.  Since my cotton ball wreath has gotten so many looks on Pinterest,  I dolled her up and put her on display.   I love how she sparkles now.

The mini trees are real from Home Depot and lit up with battery operated lights.

The pine cone and seed pod things were free from the yards around here.  I sprayed the pine cones with fake snow last year and, don't tell my 6 yr old sweet toothed daughter, but the seed pods were dusted with powdered sugar this year!


  1. Your mantel is so pretty and I just LOVE your cotton ball wreath. <3


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