Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas craft week

We started Christmas craft week this week!    

For the first semester of last year, I was watching two extra kids after school.  By the time Christmas came around everyone was antsy in the afternoon and they also didn't have homework.  Thank goodness for Meg and her ideas.  Christmas crafts saved the day!  I'm doing different ones this year with just my kids and first up was the felt Christmas tree inspired by here.  

I've made it a point to not run all over town so when Walmart was out of the things we needed I had to improvise.  No styrofoam cones?  Make them out of cardboard.  (I had to refer to my friend Cyndy on how to make one!)  No felt (whatsoever)?  Use a $5.99 green XL sweatshirt.  I bought the little presents at the dollar store and had all of the other trimmings on hand.

I would love to say that as much as I love the one on the right, it wasn't going to happen with moody kids that day.  I should have had the strips already made.  Lesson learned.  So we opted for little squares hot glued on in a criss cross fashion.  All Roo wanted to do was the decorating anyway.  Mommy could do the hard part.

Not much went on yesterday since I had a small surgery on my gums.  It was more intense than expected.  I'm better now and hopefully will find some styrofoam balls for a craft that Roo has made up herself.  Wish me luck because I have no idea how to substitute for those!

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  1. Great job improvising on the trees - they turned out so cute, and make a great centerpiece on your table. And your cotton ball wreath looks great on your mantel. Happy Wednesday to you!


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