Friday, May 6, 2011

Master bath reveal

 All of the little details finally came together for me.  The master bath started out like this a few weeks ago and I'm happy with it.  It's rustic but a little bit modern kinda like us.

Seeing this makes me happy every time I walk in the room.  

From the beginning, I knew that I wanted a chandelier in the bathroom.  I could NEVER decide on what to hang on the wall and I thought a chandelier would take care of that problem.  But I'm too cheap to pay an electrician to come out and change the pot light to a chandy.  I searched everywhere for a candle one that would be used for outside but found nothing.  I found the lantern at Pier One and literally drove the cashier nuts looking at it for 20 minutes.  As soon as I put the mercury glass votive holder inside of it I was sold!   I hung it myself after you tubing how to insert the hook in a drywall ceiling.  And I got the chain cut at Home Depot for like 4 dollars.   I'm using a battery operated candle in it right now.  Not ideal, but definitely safer. 

And the little details make me smile.

This is my favorite picture.  
I'm really trying to do my best with my point and shoot camera.  Especially since I got my new MacBook Pro yesterday! A new camera would be great too but I have enough to learn about right now and I'm really happy with my Mac! And sorry about all of the pictures.  I really wanted to do a collage but that will come with time.   

I can honestly say that this room is the one that makes me the happiest in my house.  I look forward to feeling that way about all of my rooms.  But one project at a time huh?


  1. Your bathroom looks so fantastic! I'm impressed with your chandelier too! How do you like your Mac?? I've been thinking of getting one too. Are you writing your posts with your Mac??

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  3. Love your bathroom!!!
    You did an amazing job!

  4. What a great master bath!! Love the tile and all the details you added. Looks amazing!


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