Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Healthy Hump Day tips #1

Ok so I have been thinking back and forth about a tip day for weeks.  So here it goes:
On Wednesday's (hump day),  I would love to share with you little tips that my family and I use to keep healthy.  They are easy and I promise that I do them.  They are not huge things but when I think about all of them together, they add up to make a bigger difference in our lives.  So without further ado, my first and favorite:

1.  Substituting Greek Yogurt for sour cream, mayonnaise or anything else creamy!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE sour cream.  I would choose it over dessert.  My all time favorite snack is a sour cream and salsa mixture with tortilla chips.   Even though I don't eat that as a snack anymore, I love to put that same mixture in tacos and over taco salad.  Last week, I substituted half of the mayo in my chicken salad with greek yogurt and I couldn't tell the difference.  Next time I might just leave out the mayo and see what happens.

This is the kind that I use:
I've used others and they are much more "tangier".  This one is most like sour cream to me.

Happy Healthy Hump day!


  1. Great tip. I am a sour cream addict myself. Will try this next time I making a salad with mayo or will try half greek yogurt and half sour cream with my tacos. Thanks!

  2. Such a good tip!! Athenos (plain, non-fat) greek yogurt goes in every after-run smoothie I make. I can't get over how much more protein it has than regular yogurt, plus there's less sugar. I've tried it in a lot of our dinner meals too, def don't notice a different from the usual!

    You've got a great blog! Our lifestyles are very similar! :o)

    Sarah Kate


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