Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Healthy Hump Day tip #2

Climb the ladder-Michi's Ladder.
So this one is easy.  But don't get too discouraged.  We just try our best and forget the rest!  
Michi's Ladder is not a diet. It's a simple substitution plan. To lose weight, try swapping the foods you eat for similar foods in tiers 1 and 2. The more you eat in tiers 1 and 2, the more you'll increase your chances of losing weight.
There are some healthy foods in lower tiers, but they're either calorie dense or nutrient deficient. To lose weight, you want to maximize the nutrients in every calorie you consume.
Note on frying: Foods should be eaten raw, steamed, grilled, poached, baked, or broiled. Frying automatically drops even the best foods into tier 5.
Carb Fat Protein

Tier 1: The Pious Tier

Tier 2: The Happy Tier

Tier 3: The Swiss Tier

Tier 4: The Dodgy Tier

Tier 5: The Newburg Tier


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