Sunday, May 22, 2011

Field Day 2011

Do you remember when field day consisted of this?

Well nowadays my kids get to have this:

What?!  I remember, just like yesterday, my field days in elementary school.  Tug of war, sprints, and long jumps.  I was usually the most un-athletic person in the class.  Not to mention the shortest and I would pray the night before field day I would get sick or something.  No such luck and one time, for some reason, they decided it would be great for me to shoot baskets.  Really, basketball?  I made it through with minimal humiliation and I think "great participation" ribbons.    Times have changed for sure but I wouldn't trade seeing how much fun my kids had that day for the world. They worked really hard this year and deserved it .  J-man made it through his first big standardized test, the TAKS.  And the Roo has gotten all E's (excellent) for conduct the entire year.  No Satisfactory for my girl.   

And it's kind of funny.  Chalene Johnson tells me all the time while I'm working out to Turbofire to think like an athlete.  And you know, I am an athlete now.  I can do things now at almost 37 that I have never been able to do and it feels great!  I wish I could do field day over again! 


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