Monday, March 19, 2012

Thanks to Bagster our shed is gone!

Our project for Spring Break was to remove the unused shed in our backyard.  It was falling apart and rotting and we couldn't even get the doors all of the way open.  I've always hated the way it peeked over the fence.  

The only pic I could find of the view from the street was one I took right after Hurrican Ike.  The palms, bushes and tall evergreen are all gone now too.  I don't miss any of them!

Woo Hoo!

The big green bag is the Bagster.  It would have taken us two days to tear down and haul away that shed if we hadn't used it.  Because we did, we got it done in a day!  You just set up (we moved ours to the street), fill it up, make an appointment online for them to pick it up and you're done.  No borrowing a trailer, no unloading trip after trip to the dump.  It was so easy!

After we got it all out of the way and onto the street, we  hubby created our new veggie garden.

It was so exciting when our Waste Management came two mornings later to pick it up.  Can you see J-man taking pics too?  A future blogger?  (-:

Roo got to work the crane after our stuff was all loaded into the truck.  Only with Daddy's help, of course.

If you decide to use a Bagster, watch the short video on their website about how to load it.  That way you know they won't deny your pick up.  Our sweet WM guy showed us some pictures of crazy loading that they denied.    

Here is an in progress pic of our garden.  We are planting today and I hope to be giving updates on our veggies soon!  

I've been given the go ahead to make it "prettier" but I'm not too sure how I'm gonna do that.  Any ideas?

p.s.  I was not paid by Bagster to do this post but I wish I was (-:  It really wasn't that bad though.  $35 for the bag and $100 to pick up.  Totally worth it for the time saving.


  1. Awesome! What a project. Love how your son is taking pics too! haha

    1. It killed me that he was taking pics too! Too bad he accidentally erased them! He was crushed. )-:

  2. Wow, an unused shed! Girl, I would have it so loaded up! LOL! I love that you're doing a garden. I would love to have one but my dog would eat everything! Thinking of you and thought I would stop by and check in on you. Sending hugs!


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