Saturday, June 25, 2011

A quick project

I had been staring at these ugly unused outlets for years.  After seeing Kimba's and Nester's creative ideas to disguise,  I decided something must be done to hide them. 

I used a $ $4 2-pack canvas from Michael's and covered them with linen I had on hand.  I was inspired by Pottery Barn's ribbon board but didn't have enough ribbon so I used my trusty rope/twine. 


Now I need to think about changing out that yellow light switch.  But that would mean changing them all out and that will come when we do a full-out kitchen update.  See the orangey oak cabinets?  Hopefully they will be gone sometime when the summer is over!
I'm going to be pinning like crazy soon.  

(And please ignore the ice chest in the pic!  We just had a birthday party for J-man.  I promise it's not that we don't want to walk the 10 feet to the fridge to get an ice cold beverage.)  


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