Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Healthy Hump Day tips #3

Howdy.  Today's post is brought to you by my legs.  We are walkin' family.  For me, I think it mostly started when I was in college.  I lived far off of campus in a house and the bus didn't even come out that far.  Every day I drove to park in a lot a few miles from my main building and walked to class.  Rain or shine.  Don't feel sorry for me, I loved it (most days).  It was such a special time to collect my thoughts and get ready for class.  I didn't have much time to exercise because of working and going to school so it was a great way for me to stay in shape.

     After getting married, hubby and I have walked miles and miles around every neighborhood we have lived in.  At our first apartment, while he was in training, we went over his emergency procedures while walking and wondered where life would take us.  Then, in our first house we walked and talked about having babies. Then we walked and walked with babies in strollers.

We walked every night while hubby was in another training and we lived in an unfurnished apartment with only a futon, beds, and a card table to eat on.  We needed to get out!

We borrowed the incredibly nice neighborhood right next to us and pushed J-man up steep hills while he took a late afternoon doze.  We looked at all of those houses and dreamed about one day living in one.
We then went to another (I know, right?!) training in Alabama and I begged hubby to take the stroller.  We were strapped on space but it was my saving grace to have it.  There, we lived in a one-room (not one bedroom) apartment/scummy hotel room.  J-man and I walked almost twice a day for 6 weeks while Daddy worked and studied.  We would stop at parks and look around and explore.  That base was right on a beautiful river and had the most gorgeous old base houses.

We moved on to a double stroller and two other houses and continued to walk.  All the while giving us a chance to hash out life decisions, the easy ones and the oh so hard ones.

(This was J man's last ride in this stroller since his legs were almost touching the ground)

I don't know what has helped us more, the physical or emotional side to walking as a family.  I have to say that we haven't been walking much as a family lately because of much needed earlier bed times but I hope to make it a priority again.  I'm now off to walk to the school for end of the year parties.  I could drive but I think I'll walk and take the time to reflect on this year and be joyful.


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