Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Healthy Hump Day tips #4

     Hi all.  Sorry I've been so quiet lately.  We've been on vacation touring the Texas rivers.  I'll be posting about it soon!
     Now for the tip:  Go buy these for snacks:

I'm really careful to not "take the bag with me" or let my kids have the bag of whatever they are eating.  My girl would sit there all day with the bag and continue to eat while watching tv. This way, when they're done, they're done.  It goes for my hubby and me too.  At night, when I need a little something, I just put some in my little bowl and don't go back for more.  (Just don't put ice cream in them (-:)!  It cuts down on the overeating for all of us.  They have a tight lid for travel and since they are so cheap, I'm not worried about losing them.  


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