Saturday, February 12, 2011

Organizing the Roo's closet

  Two summers ago, while my two kids were playing with eachother, you would find Lego men playing in pony houses, and little pets in airplanes.  I would pride myself on letting them use their imaginations but I would be the one taking care of the aftermath.  They had no clue how to pick it all up and so I thought it would be no big deal to dump it all into two bins and be done with it.  But what I found is that they were just dumping and not really playing.  Fast foward to now and Roo's 'little things' bins were driving me crazy.  You see, they are now both in school and few are the days that they really have that time to just play together. When they do get that precious time, do you know what they want to play with?  All of the Little People stuff that I boxed up in a clear plastic container for storage!  Lightbulb.  The time had come for me to seperate all of her little things (with her help) and put some "away" for storage.  Maybe then the dumping would stop and she could better enjoy her things.  But I thought to myself, "I don't have cute boxes, pails and baskets"!  And then I thought, "Its a little girls' closet for crying out loud".  She'll be fine with what we have.  So this is what I did:
1.  I took EVERYTHING out of the closet.
2.  I got Roo started on sorting all of her little toys into the awesome boxes.
3.  While she was doing this, I went through her clothes.
4.  Printed picture labels from a word document because she's not quite a reader yet and slapped the on with some clear packing tape.  Fancy.
5.  Rearranged the layout a bit and cleaned and vaccuumed.
6.  Got excited about the cute baskets that I did find that I will be using in my pantry!

So this is a long post to say don't wait until you have the perfect stuff.  I'm so glad this is done and now when I 'm out and do find some cute storage stuff on sale, I know just how many to buy. 


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