Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My home gym spruce up

I've been sprucing up my home gym for months now.  I stand in front of the this TV and setup everyday working out and I wanted it to be more motivating.  It was around Christmastime when I got the urge to paint the backs of my bookshelves black.  You know, with all of the extra time that I had.  I'm pretty sure I was painting the day before my in-laws arrived.  


I got the idea from Edie's place to paint the back black to sort of hide the TV.  I've always thought mine stuck out like a sore thumb.  
I used some leftover chalkboard paint so I could add and change out quotes easily.

It makes me happy that the TV isn't the first thing seen anymore.

For me, the things that should stick out the most are the inspirational ones.  Like Tony Horton's motto:  "Do your best, and forget the rest" and a Spartan helmet.  Yes, a Spartan helmet.  This became a must because hubby and I just signed up to run a Spartan race in the Spring.  I need some serious motivation staring me in the face while I work out to get myself ready for it!

And my favorite pictures of my family are definitely not up to date but I chose them because they make me smile.  It motivates me to work hard and stay healthy for them.

Here is the saying in the frame:

{I found it on Pinterest but unfortunately it's not a direct link}

It's a great quote for all areas of my life right now.  Blogging, volunteering, mothering, etc.....

Since I'm such a visual person all of these things help me to stay on track.  What about you?  Do you have things around your house to hold you accountable and motivate you?  
I would love to hear about them. 


  1. I love your transformation...that looks fantastic! I do most of my working out in the gym or outside, so my only inside motivator is a calendar page from a Mary Engelbreit daily calendar that I have stuck to my bathroom mirror. It says "Begin Again. It's a Brand New Day." It makes me feel great...and is especially helpful if the day before was not as active or contained more calories than I would have liked. lol

    1. Thanks Emily! I love the quote. Whatever it takes to keep us motivated, huh?!


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