Saturday, February 25, 2012

I'm still here.

   How did I let two weeks go by?!  Three words:  The Hunger Games.  

And I've been working on a large piece of furniture that is taking way too long to finish because of ugly weather.  What was I thinking starting a painting project in the winter?  I wish I had a basement to work in but I'm stuck with the garage and I'm too much of a wimp to paint in the cold.  Excuses, Excuses.

Here's a few pics of the week from my phone.

I spent the morning with Instagram and PicFrame. 

(I still have more to learn!) 
1.  I love this moment with hubby and Roo making necklaces at her cousin's party. Don't they have a beautiful side yard?  2.  You can't start them too early.  She did a great job painting and it was better than trying to get along with every kid on the street right now.  3.  I'm eyeing these glasses from the eye doc visit the other day.  4.  And I'm pretty impressed with J-man's carving of the Alamo out of soap.

I hope to be back on track next week!


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