Friday, October 28, 2011

A corner just for me

I didn't mean to take such a bloggy break.  It just happened.  I have some projects going on but they involve painting and I can't go outside to do it.  My town is getting swarmed by mosquitoes so we have been stuck inside.  They are so bad that we had to run all the way home from school the other day and soccer practices were cancelled.  

Anyway, I did do a little rearranging though.  I'm slowly but surely adding furniture to my empty front room and it makes me very happy.  

 This area of our house is right by the front door in formal living room that we now use as our workout room.  I don't want it to be empty but we still need space to move, jump and lunge around.

I bought the rocker at a local antique store.  This chair is very comfortable even though it doesn't look like it.  The table is a hand me down from my house growing up.  It has moved with us umpteen times and I so glad that I still have it.  I remember dusting this sucker when I was younger and it was a pain to get in between all those grooves!

Here is a closeup of the detail on the chair.  

The lamp was on clearance last year at Target but it took me forever to find and make over a shade.  When I found one, I spray painted it and then hot glued rope around it.  Two hours later and a few burned fingers and I have a new lamp.  But wouldn't you know that I would run out of rope at the VERY last second.

That's OK, I just turn it around and no one can see it!


  1. I love this space! Very comfortable and livable and stylish at the same time. I'm pinning your lamp on Pinterest, I'm hoarding shade makeover ideas. Nice work!!

  2. So beautiful and it looks so relaxing in there! So glad you linked up with us! Have a great week!



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