Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Healthy Hump Day-A crazy weekend recap

Things have been a bit quiet on ye olde blog since it has been crazy around ye olde house.  Here's how our weekend and the next few days played out.  When something goes wrong with my kids I tend to shut down.  It's hard for me to focus on anything else.

6:00 pm:  J-man slices the heck out of his heel running around outside and it is bleeding everywhere.
6:30:  stitches or no stitches?
6:45:  Dr. down the street checks it out and says to go to urgent care to be on the safe side.
8:00:  Urgent care does a thorough cleaning and closes it up with steri strips.  It's more of a flap than a deep cut.
9:00:  Kids are asleep and I'm thankful that it was just a cut and nothing worse.

9:00  Roo has a soccer game in the morning and the ball came to her a couple of times so she actually kicked it.
*I don't remember the rest of the day.  But I think it involved some crafts down at the neighbors' house.  See?  Hard to focus.

10:00 am  J-man sits with me at church during worship because of his foot.  Then tells me the whole time that his ears hurt.  I tell him they are just full of gunk and that he's fine.
The rest of the day we do everything to keep him off of his foot.  It's torture, I tell ya. (for all of us)

8:00 am:  Send J-man to school but get a work in appt. for the doc for his ears and by now he's coughing.  Since he has asthma, it puts me on alert.  At least she can look at his foot too.
9:45:  See a different doctor than our regular pediatrician.  She doesn't even take the bandage off his foot and says it's fine.  Whatever, I already know that.  She changes his allergy meds to a super duper one I've never heard of that is expensive but says his breathing is fine.
1:00am:  "Mommy, I'm coughing really loud and it hurts."  He sounds like a seal and is freaking out.  I pull out all of the asthma guns and put him in a steamy bathroom.  He sounds better and falls back to sleep while I lay in the guest bed waiting for him to cough again.

8:00: Roo relishes in her independence to walk down to the neighbor's house that morning by herself while I keep Justin home for observation.
The rest of the day is steamy bathroom visits (more torture) but he's doing better.
8:00pm:  He is sounding worse and has now lost his voice.  I sit with him in the steamy bathroom to monitor his breathing.  Unfortunately, I know what labored breathing looks like in him.  He's not laboring just a horrible cough.
9:00: We do another breathing treatment while I pray.  I put him to bed and sleep in the guest room again.  He coughs throughout the night but never gets up.

8:00 am:  Home again for observation and he's only missing the 4th grade program that he is playing a xylophone part in anyway.  He's not too sad.
8:30:  I sit down to write a Healthy Hump day post since it's Wednesday.  Wait, what was I writing about anyway?  Focus Kristen, Focus.  Oh yeah, you should take this when you feel like something is attacking you.  It might help!

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