Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Healthy Hump Day-Challenge yourself

 How did a week go by already?! The long weekend threw me off, I guess. We spent our weekend in Austin so hubby could run the Tough Mudder race in Central Texas. The kids got some time with the grandparents and we got a night out with some friends after the race.

What does all of this have to do with Healthy Hump day? It's about challenging yourself! While I'm not going be the first to sign up for Tough Mudder (too much mud!), hubby and I got to talking about doing a different kind of obstacle course/race together. Two years ago, I would have never even entertained the thought of such a thing! And the reason I can now is because of Insanity and completing other Beachbody programs before it.

Hubby knew I could do it and challenged me. He tells me all of the time "See, I just wanted you to know that you could do it, too!"  I'm so glad that he did.  I now have the confidence that I could complete an obstacle course, little marathon, or do P90X2 (coming out at the end of the year).  I just have to challenge myself and train for it!

{See the big guy on the left?  
He's challenging himself to run the race again next year 100 pounds lighter!}

What could you challenge yourself to do? 
Whether it's a new workout program, bringing lunch instead of eating out, or giving up coke, every little challenge, little or big, is for the better.


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