Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Healthy Hump Day

This one is easy!  One that I will do today, right now.  I will choose to chew gum instead of snack, snack, and snack the afternoon away.  Usually I'm finishing up my workout right when it's time to get the kids.  So when we get back home, I'm needing a snack too.  But lately I've been convincing myself that I can have a little more and then a little more because, you  know, I'm working so hard at Insanity and all.  But today, I'll have my designated snack and then chew some gum and hope that it stops me from grazing.
p.s.  This is my favorite kind right now.

Orbit Bubblemint.  
You can blow great bubbles like you are a kid and it's not too sweet and just a little minty.  


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