Wednesday, April 6, 2011

While visions of white plates danced in her head....

A few weeks ago, my master bedroom looked like {this} but I knew that I needed to change it. 

Now it looks like this.

     I have always loved the look of white plates and I have been collecting quite a few over the past few months.  I got most of them at Marshall's and Ross and I have to admit that the two on either side are salad plates from my everyday collection.  We never use them!  I have others but I just couldn't make them work in a configuration that I liked.  Some were more like a bowl and they wouldn't fit flush to the wall.  I got my plate hangers about a year ago from ebay.  Much better pricing when buying in bulk. 
    I can't tell you the easiest way to do a plate collage.  I'm pretty sure I did it the hardest way possible.   

So for now I'm happy and hubby likes them too.  He hasn't even asked how many holes I put in the wall and I'm not tellin' either.
      I can't wait to share pictures of our master bath.  They are coming soon!

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  1. This post cracked me up because it reminded me of me with the holes in the wall! Your new wall looks awesome:)


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