Wednesday, April 27, 2011


This is a true story.  It happened yesterday in fact.  This was a conversation between me and my very best friend. 

Me: What's wrong?

Heather: Just stressed from the job change, move, etc.... and I feel a migraine coming on.  I've got tummy issues too.

Me:  What are you eating?
I didn't even have to ask because I've known her so long and I knew that it was probably nothing and that she eventually got so starving that she grabbed the first convenient unhealthy thing and that now she felt horrible.

Heather:  I'm so busy, so stressed.  I've had half of a baked potato and some chicken tenders.
It was already in the afternoon mind you and no wonder she felt like crap.

Me: You need my shake girl!  Shakeology saves me everyday from the 'I feel like crap' feeling.

Shakeology is a rich, yummy shake filled with 70 different natural ingredients from around the world.  I'm drinking it right now while I type.

A few months ago, my husband started drinking it everyday.  I didn't set out to do it daily, but somehow I just kept reaching for it and before I knew it, I was hooked.  After two months, my digestion was better, I had avoided my daily "sugar drops" and I had more energy in the afternoons (when I needed it most!)  Also, my monthly cycles weren't horrendous.  We made it through the cold and flu season too without any major sicknesses.  Unlike every year since moving here!  I'm not saying I never will get sick, I just feel like my body is more ready to fight off any critters trying to attack me.  Last week, I felt yucky but was never confined to my bed.

So instead of my best friend crashing, she could have whipped up a shake in less than a minute and felt so much better!   

The number one question I get about my fitness journey is "Do you have to change your diet?" Yes you do but I think it is good to start with small changes. Shakeology is great first step for increased energy, weight loss, and better digestion.

Below is a excerpt from our CEO of Beachbody, Carl Daikeler. 
I like it because it shows that he's just like one of us in this fight to get healthier.

THE CEO's personal Shakeology® story

"You eat like a 2nd grader."

That’s what my wife said to me three years ago. She said if I was going to run a health and fitness company, I had better find a way to eat better or I’d be a dead CEO sooner than I’d like.
Problem is, I don’t like vegetables. And everything I’ve been reading about them was telling me that even they don’t have the antioxidants, prebiotics, and enzymes of some of the exotic foods being harvested from around the world.
So we set out on a mission to create a way for me to not only live up to my wife's request but surpass it, using the most potent whole-food ingredients available for health, weight loss, and energy. And we had to make it taste good.
The result is Shakeology, my healthiest meal of the day. It takes the
guesswork out of nutrition for me and simplifies my life.
I’ve been using Shakeology now for over a year, and it’s not only
my healthiest meal of the day—it’s my favorite meal of the day.
And here’s my guarantee to you: If you don’t feel results in the
first 30 days, I want you to have your money back (less s&h).
But I hope you really give it a try so you see the benefits I have.
—Carl Daikeler
CEO, Beachbody

Are you still here!?  I know- I get a little excited on this subject and I love to share if great things are working for me.  Check out my the site or click on the Shakeology tab on the right.  I would love to answer any questions may have about it.


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