Wednesday, August 24, 2011

nothing much (besides Insanity!)

School started three days ago and I haven't done much.

{gotta love the dress code}

Except I did start Insanity on the first day of school and now I'm so sore and dog tired that I can't really work on projects even if I wanted to.  But the first few weeks are the hardest and I will get through them.

{click on the picture for more information}

I made four appointments over the phone today.  I don't know why I hate making appointments but I do and so I let them get bunched up and then I get the nerve to do them all in one day.  It took almost an hour!  Hair, teeth, eyes.  We are expensive to upkeep.  But I can't imagine how much more money I would be paying on medical stuff if I wasn't exercising, eating clean, and drinking Shakeology.  All of my hard work definitely paid off when I was hiking in Yosemite.  Sure I got tired, but I was never winded.  What a great feeling!

{We hiked all the way up those 'stairs' to to the waterfall at the top of the picture}


  1. I want to go to Yosemite! Looks so fun. Your kids are so beautiful! What's this insanity workout? It sounds insane! Hope all is well sweet friend!

  2. Yosemite was awesome. It's so hard to put into words (and pictures!) how beautiful it is. Click on the picture to learn more about Insanity. A little video will pop up. It's pretty intense but I was ready for the challenge. Take care!


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