Thursday, October 30, 2014

October Specials are ending soon!

October specials are ending soon!  I just wanted to give a breakdown of what each of the challenge packs include.  I'm such a visual person so I'm trying to add lots of pictures! :)

First up P90:

THE Tony Horton calls it the "on switch" to fitness.  If you are needing a jump start to your fitness journey or want to start but don't know where to begin I totally recommend this program.  My husband and I have done all of the P90X workouts and have not been disappointed.  I personally haven't done it because it is still so new but I've been hearing great things from the test groups.

Also, for each one purchased, Beachbody is donating $5 to the Wounded Warrior project in honor of Tony's Dad who recently passed away.  

click here to learn more:  

(Sorry these pictures are so LONG but I really wanted you to see what all is included and these were the best ones that I could find that showcased everything.)  

Next up:  COMBAT!  

Seriously one of my favorite workouts of all time.  I can't even explain the power I feel as I punch and kick my way through it.  And you get the gloves free too!  Bonus because if you ask me the gloves are like magic and make you feel like a fighter.  They instantly put me in the mood.

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And last but not least, Les Mills Pump. 

 I'm sure you've heard of this workout at your local gym or YMCA.  I choose to workout at home to save me time and workout whenever it fits into my schedule so getting to have this program available to me at home is the best!  Seriously, the weights alone at a sports store would cost an arm and a leg so to get them and the personalized workouts in one is perfect for me. 

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Click below to see a 15 second video of me doing Pump!

Did you see the weights included?  Just wanted to make sure :)

So there you have it.  Remember, the special pricing goes away at the end of the month.  Please don't hesitate to email me with any questions about the programs.  It's what I love to do!

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