Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Our first cruise

I'm still getting over the cruise.  I've spent the last few days still feeling like I am on a boat.  I didn't take very many pictures because 80 percent of the time I was pretty queasy.  That and I didn't really want to hang on to a camera.

It was a beautiful crisp, cool day when we left the port in Galveston.  

Being that this was our first cruise, I was rather disappointed that we couldn't throw streamers off the boat like the Love Boat.

So the first night I was on a rush and didn't feel the boat rocking and rolling too much.  We had a great time at our first dinner with our friends from church.  I'm so glad that we got a table all to ourselves so we could chat and get to know each other better.  

{look at that decor!  I'm convinced that the designers had a challenge amongst themselves to see how many patterns and colors they could use on one boat!)

Here begins no more pictures because the next morning I absolutely felt the boat rocking and rolling. A lot more than I wanted to.  I was also jumping out of the bed every time I heard a noise thinking that we were going to go down like the Titanic.  So I napped while hubby read and I was refreshed and ready for formal night.  
What a treat that we got to dress up in our fancy new clothes that we had to buy just for the cruise! 

It was a memorable night.  Great food, awesome friends, funny comedians and dancing.  The dancing was my favorite part.

Excursion Day:
Hey, I have a tip for you.  When you are queasy on the big boat you will definitely be queasy on a little catamaran going up and down on very choppy waters taking you to a remote island in the middle of nowhere.  Just a warning.  We ate more than our share of guacamole and met a really cool couple that live in our city.  It was nice to relax and hang with new friends.

The water was the most beautiful shade of blue.

Some other fun friends that greeted us at night.

We finally enjoyed a traditional cruise drink on the last day.  
Why is it that I start to feel relaxed on the last day of any vacation?  Maybe the drink helped.

Until next time!  Maybe.  (-:


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